O Balthazar Press  & Collective (b. 2013) is a collaborative of avant-garde interdisciplinary artists. It specializes in beautifully made books of poetry, plays, translations, and hybrid literature by innovative and challenging writers. It also works as a guerrilla production company, and, more often, a little theater.


O Balthazar believes in process, composing and decomposing, anarchy, and Mother Nature.

O Balthazar believes in glossolalia, gnosticism, and the nakedly occult soul.

O Balthazar believes in living resourcefully in our post-apocalyptic world.

O Balthazar believes in the living artist.


O Balthazar Press is committed to minimizing our production impacts as much as possible. We will only use socially and environmentally responsible paper (FSC-certified) and biodegradable inks and chemistry. We are open to discussion and collaboration with other publishers and printers in order to lessen further damage to the climate, endangered forests, and indigenous communities most affected by the book industry.


Be in touch: obalthazarpress@gmail.com


O Balthazar Press & Collective

Brooklyn – Marseille – Paris – Providence


Thank you for your interest in O Balthazar Press & Collective. We are not currently accepting any unsolicited manuscripts or manuscript queries. Please check back here for updates.

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