2 book drop by enfant-terrible poet Valerie Hsiung

2 books by Valerie Hsiung, incantation inarticulate and under your face, out October 7th 2013


incantation inarticulate

by Valerie Hsiung

Paperback – 71 pages – Poetry – $12.95

ISBN 978-0-9897344-0-0

Release date: October 7, 2013

Available for pre-order here

The first book of poet Valerie Hsiung is a tragicomic collection of musical scores, surreal elegies and artifacts, great escapes, mysteries, and soundscapes with marionettes, “nuclear birds,” and all the holy freaks of nature.

On incantation inarticulate:

“Flecked and bedazzled with the most beautiful sense of language, Valerie Hsiung’s  wild poetry never ceases to mesmerize and delight.  I am amazed at how whole and deep this poetry is, and I feel honored to be in its presence.  This is poetry I will go back to again and again.  I believe that Hsiung is America’s new boldest poetic voice, and I just love her work.” –Noelle Kocot

“A spell at work on our minds to see the world anew is the best possible poem. The dream Valerie Hsiung plugs us into with her book has rooms with many different incantations to drink.  She has created a trance vehicle with clowns, rats, with a way of accessing each reader’s unique lens for sharp observations upon our culture, and on our own lives within the cultural framework.  The only poems I want to enter are those as magic spells, like these very poems by Hsiung.” –CAConrad


under your face

by Valerie Hsiung

Paperback – 116 pages – Poetry – $14.50

ISBN 978-0-9897344-1-7

Release date: October 7, 2013

Available for pre-order here

The second book of poet Valerie Hsiung is a cyclical work composed of eight multinarrative chapters whose elements meet at the intersection of war, memory, possession, greed, and even pleasure.

Praise for the author:

“Valerie Hsiung is a very prolific writer whose poems have great tonal, mood, vocal scale – that lower limit speech upper limit music of which Zukofsky spoke. She can also express exasperation and alacrity in the space of a single short poem. Too wise to be innocent and too fresh to be gnarly, she eases you into her bold stances. She is one of those poets you wish were more populous for they pull you up by the hair roots and remind you living is serious business, and the whole world is in our dirty little hands.” –C.D. Wright