Cosmology of Worlds Apart

by Ioana Jucan

Paperback – 144 pages – Drama/Theater

Release date: September 28, 2017

Author Biography. 

Ioana B. Jucan is an interdisciplinary performance-maker, cross-genre writer, and researcher whose work lies at the intersection of theatre and performance studies, philosophy, and new media. Her scholarly and creative writing has been featured in journals such as parallax, Liminalities, Nerve Lantern, Revista Caracteres, as well as in edited volumes such as Adorno and Performance (eds. Karoline Gritzner and Will Daddario; Palgrave 2014) and This and That: Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies (ed. Annette Arlander; University of the Arts Helsinki, 2014).

Jucan is co-founder and artistic director of the Listening LabOratory performance group based at Brown University, where she is also leading the Brown Performance Philosophy Group. She is an alumna of the Watermill Summer Program under the artistic direction of Robert Wilson and has worked with Richard Maxwell and the New York City Players as dramaturg and intern. Jucan holds a Masters in Philosophy from Brown University, where she is currently a PhD candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies. She is a Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellow in Theatre and Dance at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts for the Fall 2015.

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